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Setting Up Forms Based Authentication Minimize

  • Create Your Database in the control panel
  • Make sure the user has DBO rights to the SQL server
  • Make sure you have enough space.  10 meg with a 50/50 split should work.
  • Run aspnet_regsql.exe using the server login information for your database
  • Change your web.config file to look something like:
 <remove name="LocalSqlServer"/>
 <add name="LocalSqlServer"
connectionString="Data Source=sqlserverGoesHere;
Initial Catalog=YourDatabaseName;
Persist Security Info=True;
User ID=YourSqkUserID;

(Note:  I've added crlf's after the semicolons in the connection string.  You should create the connection string value as one long line.)

The "remove" element is needed because machine.config has it's own default entry that we won't be using.  It has to be removed prior to adding our own entry.


  • From this point, you'll need to create your own set of signup/admin forms to add/edit/delete users because the Visual Studio admin tool only works off of local host.  You'll also need to create your own web.config entries for role based authentication if you need that feature.  The best way to handle role based authentication is to set it all up on localhost and then copy the resulting web.config file (one for each directory you've set role based access up for) up to the server.
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