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If you are transferring your domain from another hosting company to MyWinHosting, you might want to make sure that you don't loose any email people might send to you.  You can do this by changing the MX record at your OLD hosting company.  If you do this correctly, any email that comes to your old server will be sent to our servers and the whole tranfer will look seemless to your customers.

You'll need some information from our server to do this.  So, log into your control panel at https://cp.mywinhosting.com and click the hyperlink in the left hand panel that represents your domain.

On the screen that displays click the hammer/paper icon next to the label, "DNS Configuration."  This will take you to the DNS zone maintenance screen.

On the DNS Zone screen, you will see a section named, "Built in CNAME record"  There will be one for your mail named mail.yourdomain.com on the left that corresponds to a mail.mywinhosting.com on the right.  It may be mail7.mywinhosting.com or something else.  But, it should be obvious.

DO NOT Change anything on this screen.  You just need to know what it should say.

Now, on the server you are transferring FROM, you want to ADD an MX record that has a higher priority (5 probably) than your current MX record (10 probably).  DO NOT Delete the existing MX record.  You simply want to add a new one that will be used first.

If you are moving from another HSphere control panel, you would click the "Add DNX MX Record" link.  Leave the name blank, Make Priority = 5 and data would point to the domain name you retrieved from our control panel above.

As the DNS propogates the change, new mail will start arriving in your new mail box.  You should be able to still retrieve mail from your old mail box.

Once you've made this change, you can safely make the changes at your registrar to point to your new Domain Name Server here.  After a day or two, all of your mail should be coming to the new server and you can safely delete your old account at the previous hosting company.

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