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As an added level of security, all accounts are setup with read only access.  If you need read/write access and can limit the access to a particular directory, this would be best.

Note:  ftp has full access, this is only access that the web server needs.  For example, if your web application allows file uploads or creates additional directories.

First, you'll need to login to the control panel at https://cp.mywinhosting.com

Next, click on the link that represents your domain name in the left panel of the window.  This will lead to the main domain editing screen where you should find an paper/hamer icon labeled: "Web Service" click on that icon.  This will lead you to the "Web Service" editing screen where you should see an item labeled, "Web Directory Settings."  Click the hammer/paper icon to the right of that label.

This will lead to a screen where you can add application directories and set the permissions for existing directories.  There should already be a directory for the domain you are working in.  Click the hammer/paper icon next to this directory under the "Control" column to get to the permission settings.

At this point you can change the authentication level, execution permission, read/write permission, source access, and enable directory browsing.

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