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Creating an MS-SQL Database Minimize

At some point, you'll probably want to create a database on the server.  Since we are primarily using Microsoft technologies, we'll address creating a MS-SQL database first.  Later in this series we'll address creating a MySQL and pgSQL database.

First, log into your control panel.  On the main screen, you'll see a list of icons.  Scroll down to the group labeled, "Databases" and click the icon labeled, "MSSQL Server."

On the resulting screen, before you add a database, you'll need to create a database user.  Create the up arrow/paper icon next to the "Add new MS SQL login" label and follow the rather obvious directions to create a new user.  Once you've completed that, you should come back to this same screen.

Next, you'll want to create the database.  Click the up arrow/paper icon next to the "Add database" label to start creating your database.    State the database name and assign the user to the database and press submit.  Note: all databases start with 5 meg allocated for the log file and 5 meg allocated for the database.  And unless you're told, you'd never know that.  You can change the allocations easily once the database has been created.

Once you've created the database, you should be back on the main database screen.  You'll notice that the database has a hammer/paper icon.  Any time you see this icon, it is an indication that more details about the resource are available.  Click that icon.  On the resulting screen, you will see the current allocations of your database.  Click the paper/pencil icon on this screen to change the allocations.  On the resulting screen you can change, the total amount of space allocated to the resource and the ratio between the log file and the database file.  For most situations a  ratio of 70% is fine.

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