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Changing the "index" page Minimize

One of the more frequent questions we get asked is, "how do I make the server show my default.aspx page as the default page instead of the login page that it defaults to when it creates my domain?"

Again, the simple answer tends to be a bit confusing because the answer is "Turn on Directory Indexes and set the file you want to be the default."  What everyone does instead is turn on "Indexes."

What's the confusion?

Well, log into your control panel for a minute so I can show you.

Once you've logged in, go to the Web Service screen.  You can get there by clicking the hyper link in the left column in the "Domains" panel that represents your primary domain(s).  And then click the paper and pencil icon in the "Web Service" row.  You should see, on the main part of this screen, a "Web Service" panel that shows the Domain Name, IP Address, and Site Studio access.  And then under that a "Settings" panel that shows all of the other configuration options for the domain.  Right under the "Settings" label, there is a setting for "Indexes."  This is the one you DON'T want.  Instead, scroll to the bottom of the screen.  The second to last configuration option says, "Directory Indexes" if it is "Off" turn it on, if it is on, click the paper/pencil icon next to the on/off button and you will see a screen where it will tell you how to enter the files you want to be the default.

Now you know why it's so confusing.  But, you also know how to set this up correctly and you're smarter than most of the other users who try to use the hsphere control panel.

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