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Do you offer a shared SSL domain?

No, we don’t offer SSL simply because we don’t offer the ability to create third level domains (sub domains) off of the mywinhosting.com domain.  Why?  Because if we did offer that, we’d have a bigger nightmare than we already have keeping spammers off the system because they’d be able to use the mywinhosting.com domain instead of their own when they sent out that nasty email.   When we first started hosting, we had considered offering this, but as we were educated on the risk, we eventually decided against it

You can get an SSL certificate relatively inexpensively from Comodo.  If all you need is a simple SSL, you can get one for $79/year http://www.instantssl.com/   (3 years for $149)  If you do, when they ask you what server you are using, pick “hsphere.”   If you pick IIS, you’ll have to regenerate the CSR every time you renew.  Picking hsphere avoids that.



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