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Web Based MS-SQL Manager

Q:  I am trying to use the Web Based SQL Manager in the control panel.  When I click the icon, it takes me to a subdirectory off my domain.  I have not yet transfered my domain.  How can I use the SQL Manager without transfering my domain to myWinHosting?

A:  In order to use the SQL Manager, replace your domain information with the instant access domain you recieved when you signed up.  When it ask you for the login information, give it your ftp username and password (first eight characters of your account name and your control panel password.)  This will lead you to the SQL Manager web application.  If it ask you for login information at the application screen, provide it the SQL server name, and your SQL username and password.

We strongly recommend that you use Enterprise manager to manage your SQL database.  If you do not have access to Enterprise manager, you can use dbaMgr2K ( or SQL Server Management Studio Expres ( which are both free.



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