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I've run out of allocated space for my MS-SQL data

We initially allocate all of our databases at 10 meg with a 50/50 allocation between the log file and the database.  If you need more space, you can probably reallocate the space between the log file and the database to 20 percent for the log file and 80 percent for the database.  If you need more space you can change the space allocation and the ratio by logging into your control panel.  Once you've logged into the control panel, you can click on the MS-SQL server icon.  This will lead to a screen that shows your sql usernames and sql databases.  You will notice that the database has two icons on the right.  A paper/hammer icon and a trash can.  Click the paper/hammer icon.  This leads to a screen where you can allocate more space for your database and control the ratio of main database space to log file space.



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